Awakening Through Movement

a 5-day Residential Retreat with Amara Pagano
August 28 – September 1st, 2014

7OaksFrontsmAZUL is a path of awakening through movement, a way for us to embrace the gift of being alive and use it to maximize our spiritual evolution.  We are living in extraordinary times where more and more of us are discovering a deeper experience of ourselves and awakening to spiritual reality where we are more than our thoughts and feelings.  We understand our journey in this work and take full responsibility for our choice to be here to grow and evolve.

Our lives, the turbulence and the peace, are guiding us to open our hearts.  The work of AZUL is to feel expansion, the pull of love and become present to that which stops us from loving.  The more we are able to witness our openings and closings, the more conscious we become.  The dance floor and the dance become a reflective surface in which we can see ourselves more clearly, allowing movement to support our journey of awakening.

Sevenoaks Retreat Center, Charlottesville, Virginia
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For more information contact Ann Kite by email or 434.989.4841.

_DSC3079AZUL brings together Amara’s deep love and respect of Gabrielle Roth and the 5Rhythms with Prem Baba’s Path of the Heart.  Amara trained with Gabrielle to teach Waves & Heartbeat and has taught 5Rhythms workshops and intensives internationally for 15 years.  Amara is the co-founder of One Dance Tribe, a global community of people evolving through conscious movement.  She is based in Maui and offering workshops and events globally.

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