Beneath and Beyond

a 5Rhythms Dynamic Movement Workshop
with Visudha de los Santos

4x6.epsThere were days, and there were days, and there were days between….  – Nelson Mandela

We all aspire for greatness, a greatness that is rooted in freedom, peace and love, and yet we often fall short plagued with fear, uncertainty and distractions.  In elevating the days of our finest moments as who we really are, we underestimate the days and motions between – our daily lives where we can indeed make the greatest difference.

We will look beyond the stories of our greatest moments, into the expressions of our daily living.  We will explore how we live out, and move our passions.  We will move, feel, and pause into our own essence, our own bodily wisdom.  This is a call for moving courageously, paving our own way of the embodied being together.

February 28 – March 1
11am – 5pm daily

register online

Fry’s Spring Beach Club, Charlottesville, VA

For more information contact Ann Kite: 434-996-8454 or

visudha_picAbout Visudha de los Santos:  I rock and walk in many worlds, sing with many ancestors, and create from the realms between — in this way, I access visions and insights that support your soul’s journey.  Some all me a spiritual midwife, a medicine woman, or shaman – maybe, maybe not.  What is true, is I connect to the energies of the moment, and in that, grace prevails.  Be ready to transform your life.
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Deep in the Wave

“A weekend of dancing the 5Rhythms…..surfing and diving into the territories of deep movement practice”

with Alain Allard  –  April 9 – 12, 2015

Deep in the Wave artSuitable for beginners and experienced dancers alike, we will dance wave after wave exploring the creative physical core of this profound movement meditation, with the intention to free ourselves from inertia, stale habits and tired old patterns.

We will dive deeply into the work and see where this leads us in our study as we follow the flow that unfolds in the group that we become. This work is deceptively simple in its purest most basic form – and it is in the raw dance unfolding with patience and passion that the power lies. The dance is a process as life itself, of movement, sensations and breath.  The experience of these are the teaching.

The 5rhythms is rich in maps for deep exploration and the baseline of the work is always attentive physical practice. Each rhythm has a different energetic movement quality to be experienced again and again.  In this way can become fluidly and consciously embodied, open and receptive to our own precious vitality, sensitivity and spirit.

This study and tasting of the basics is the fundamental discipline …you can never do too much of it.

By focusing on physical movement we hear different aspects of our own voice, fall into their movement and release our innate creativity and sense of vast connection.

No previous experience is necessary, just a love of movement coupled with the willingness, the desire and the discipline to focus and encourage the release of our own and each others dance.

Alain pictureAlain has been dancing the 5Rhythms® for over 20 years, and for the last 15 has been regularly teaching them in different countries, continents and contexts. He is a fully licensed and registered UKCP therapist and a gifted humorous teacher accredited by Gabrielle Roth to teach the Waves, Heartbeat and Mirrors level maps of her work. He is a Faculty Trainer for the 5rhythms Teacher Training programme.

Venue: Fry’s Spring Beach Club, Charlottesville, Virginia
Timetable: Thursday 6:30-9pm (open Wave).  Friday 2-6 pm.  Saturday 10am-4pm.  Sunday 11am-5pm.
Registration: register online
Contact: Ann Kite – 434-989-4841 –

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