Waves and the Movement of Emotion w/ Alain Allard

waves and the movement of emotion
with Alain Allard
  November 10-13, 2016
Charlottesville, VA

flyerfront_smallWithout practice and attention it is easy to get caught in old emotional reactive patterns, to freeze, hold our break or blame others for what we feel and so live with tension or low vitality.

In this workshop we explore our fundamental physicality, giving particular attention to the dynamic raw energy of Life and the common emotions; fear, anger, grief, joy and compassion. We learn how to better allow breath and movement in all circumstances.

By studying ways that feelings naturally move we get more skilled at moving in response to emotion rather than reacting or shutting down.

Entering this heart territory as a dancer we get practiced at being fluidly present. Over these workshop days we will, Wave after Wave, move towards greater maturity and freedom.

Venue: Fry’s Spring Beach Club, Charlottesville, VA
Date: November 10-13th, 2016
Timetable: Thursday: 6:30-8:30pm (open wave)  Friday: 2-7pm, Saturday 11-6pm, Sunday 11-4pm
Registration: Register Online
Contact: Ann Kite : 434-989-4841~ Ann@DanceCville.com

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Alain Allard has been dancing the 5Rhythms for over 20 years, and for the last 15 has been regularly teaching them in different countries, continents and contexts. He is a fully licensed and registered UKCP therapist and a gifted humorous teacher accredited by Gabrielle Roth to teach the Waves, Heartbeat and Mirrors level maps of her work. He is a Faculty Trainer for the 5Rhythms Teacher Training Programme.  www.movesintoconsciousness.com

This workshop counts as a prerequisite for the 5Rhythms Teacher Training.

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Nurturing Clarity w/ Ann Kite

Nurturing Clarity with Ann Kite
  December 3-4, 2016
Bethesda, MD


What we “think” we need to see often makes fuzzy what can be truly seen. This mysterious life continues it’s winding path through us. To cultivate clarity to our greatest teacher ~ our own life ~ takes willingness, surrender and most of all trust

We will nurture true clarity, the one hidden in our bones, laced in our breath and deeply embedded in our soul.

Following the exquisite map of the 5Rhythms we ignite our awakening ~

Venue: Carderock Swim and Tennis Club~8200 Hamilton Springs Court, Bethesda, MD
Schedule: Sat. 11-5 (lunch and dinner provided) ~ Sun. 11-4 (lunch provided)
Registration: Register Online
Contact: Ann Kite ~ 434-989-4841 – Ann@DanceCville.com 

Ann Kite

Ann Kite is a Certified 5Rhythms Teacher and Member of  5Rhythms Global.  She fell into free form dance at a 5Rhythms workshop in Asheville, North Carolina in November, 2008. She awoke to the dance in her body and a yearning for movement expression. In August 2009 she started Conscious Dance C’ville, in Charlottesville, VA. Ann has been trained and is a 5Rhythms Teacher, and has studied in the SoulMotion Leadership Program. She is passionate about life, about love of self and other, and about honoring the gifts that come through each one of us. She works to welcome these gifts to flow through freely; the dance floor being a place of refuge, transformation, and release. Ann lives in Charlottesville, VA, where she teaches 5Rhythms and produces workshops to bring internationally renowned 5Rhythms teachers to the area. She became “home teacher” for the Bethesda MD 5Rhythms tribe in 2016.


This workshop counts as a prerequisite for the 5Rhythms Teacher Training.

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